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SCReaM Theatre

Human Factors Initial Training: 

Day 2

This is the second day of the SCReaM Human Factor Initial Training and  is open to all theatre healthcare workers who wish to complete their initial training and have completed Initial Training: Day 1 or attended the original SCReaM training day prior to 2017.


The SCReaM Theatre Human Factor Initial training programme is suitable for all theatre healthcare workers including Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Trainees, ODPs, Scrub Nurses, Recovery Nurses, Theatre HCAs and Theatre Managers. Initial HF Training Day 2 can be attended within 48 hours of Initial HF Training Day 1 or split over a 12-18 month period . On completion of the initial training, as in aviation, a day of Recurrent Refresher Training  is available to provide further training and an update every 2-3 years.

Initial Training Day 2 Course Objectives include:

  • Brief Revision of day 1 modules

  • Situational Awareness: definition and strategies for improved performance

  • Organisation Safety Culture: values and pitfalls, perceived safety culture, the medical error epidemic, reporting and feedback

  • Decision Making: process awareness, pitfalls, and tools to make better decisions

  • Leadership and Teamwork: defining, characteristics, and the development of skills in high performing teams

Initial Training Day 2 Special Introductory Rates*:


Scrub Nurses/ODPs/HCAs/Recovery Staff = £95 

Trainees  =£150

Consultants/NCCG = £175


Scrub Nurses/ODPs/HCAs/Recovery Staff = £119

Consultant = £219

*30% discount when booked at the same time as Initial HF Training Day 1


To apply for this level: Please follow the links below.


For all RSCH Theatre Staff:

All RSCH staff are subsidised and can attend at no charge whilst in RSCH employment. Clinicians, please complete the RSCH Theatre Clinician Only Application Form and apply for S/L using the normal process. Scrub nurses, ODPs, theatre nursing staff and HCAs please inform your team lead / line manager who will liaise with Practice Development Nurse, Izzy Brookes (ODP). Should Theatre or Recovery nursing staff / HCAs or ODPs in main theatres or DSU wish to attend on an off day, please ensure you are registered on bank and fill out the RSCH Bank Theatre Nursing Application Form.

Application Form
Course Dates