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In 2013, originally coined Surrey Crisis Resource Management (SCReaM), the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust in Guildford developed a Human Factors and Team Resource Management training programme to improve: 

  • Team performance

  • Staff wellbeing 

  • Patient safety


For a history of SCReaM click here.

In 2018 we introduced a rolling programme allowing an in-depth discussion of the core CRM principles over 2 separate days with recurrent training every 1-2 years and reduces degradation.














Whether you are new to human factors or have experience in this area, this facilitative rolling training aims to help healthcare workers understand that, as humans, we make mistakes, and to promote and maintain insight, tools and techniques to help capture these in themselves, their teams and the environment in which they work. We encourage participants to anticipate and react to the longstanding but increasingly acknowledged epidemic of medical error by improving their performance, maintaining their own well-being and keeping patients safe.

In order to support the training and encourage them to put into practice their learning, participants are encouraged to produce a 'pledge' at the end of the course. This is to use one simple technique or tool they have learnt during the day and make a SMALL change in order to improve their individual practice or department.

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