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In-situ Simulation

Training on the ICU at RSCH, Guildford

We aim to deliver high quality, in situ multi-disciplinary training to all ICU staff. We cover clinical emergencies, practical procedures, human factors awareness, and team working skills.


By delivering high fidelity training on ICU, we can provide training in the normal working environment, using normal equipment kept in familiar locations and with the actual multi-disciplinary team that work on the unit looking after patients.  Participants fulfil their normal roles, during normal working hours. This facilititates a higher fidelity training environment, and may reduce stress and anxiety associated with simulation training, especially for some healthcare groups such as nurses who may initially be less familiar with simulation training.


There are additional benefits of having the team remain on ICU and not having to re-locate elsewhere in the hospital for training, making it more realistic and more useful for trainers and candidates alike. We can fit more training in and be more flexible by not having to dedicate time or extra staff to training the team away from the unit.


We are planning to install a mini simulation suite on the ICU in a spare bay to help reduce the logistical issues with moving sim man 3G from the sim suite on each occasion – watch this space!


For more information, please contact Dr Michele Bossy, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist. or Dr Amish Patel -

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