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Simulation Tricky Trips Course

Critically ill patients are often requiring transfers either within the hospital environment (for example, to the CT scanner) or between hospitals for tertiary services or repatriation. The multi-disciplinary team involved in the transfer of these patients may encompass anaesthetists, critical care doctors, ODPs, ICU nurses or A&E nurses that have not worked together before. Often these are junior members of the team.

According to the AAGBI guidance ‘patients may be transferred from the emergency department, critical care units, operating theatres, wards or other areas of the hospital. Transfers often occur outside of normal working hours and take place at short notice. During the transfer the patient is in a noisy, difficult and potentially dangerous environment and the transferring medical team is operating independently. All hospitals that may be involved in transfers must ensure that the appropriate personnel, equipment, training and support are available.’

This course provides high fidelity, multi-disciplinary in-situ simulation training within the actual ICU and ambulance environments that occur during a transfer. The SECAMB simulation ambulance and paramedics are also involved during the day. The course meets the requirements of both the basic and intermediate RCOA curriculum and is endorsed by the ICS. It is suitable for doctors (any specialty involved in the transfer of critically unwell patients), nurses, and ODPs. It is suitable for CT1 novices or more senior trainees wanting to refresh their skills.

Upcoming STricT Date(s):

19th of November 2024

11th of March 2025

For more information and dates, please contact or Dr Amish Patel -


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