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Procedures Day

When is it? 

31st January & 23rd of May 2025


Where is it?        

Education Centre, Royal Surrey County Hospital.


Who’s it for?       

This course is aimed at Internal Medicine (IMT), Acute Common Care Stem (ACCS) and Core Anaesthetic Trainees


What is it?   

An interactive one-day course allowing hands-on experience with core procedures and emergency interventions, with a view to facilitate clinical skills sign off with senior supervision

Training includes:

  • Lumbar Puncture

  • Paracentesis

  • Chest Drain Insertion

  • Central Venous Catheter Insertion

  • Joint Aspiration 

  • Transcutaneous Pacing

  • Emergency DC Cardioversion

  • Management of Anaphylaxis

For enquiries please contact or Dr. Dushen Murugiah via email -

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