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Theatre Course Booking Process & Fees


**Special Introductory Rates available**


Scrub Nurses/ODPs/HCAs/Recovery Staff = £95

Trainees/NCCG = £150

Consultants = £175



Scrub nurses/ODPs/HCAs/Recovery Staff = £119 

Consultants = £219

*30% discount for Initial Training when Day 1 and Day 2 are booked at the same time


For further details, please see the External Application Form here (or via the link below)

For all RSFT Theatre Staff:

All RSFT staff are subsidised and can attend at no charge whilst in RSFT employment.

  • Scrub nurses, ODPs, theatre nursing staff and HCAs please inform your team lead / line manager that you wish to attend and confirm with them whether you should attend as part of your normal working shift or as a Bank shift. If you attend as a Bank shift, please ensure you are registered on bank and fill out the RSFT Bank Theatre Nursing Application Form. 

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