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Level 2: Conquering The Debrief


This level is open to healthcare workers who are keen to gain and develop their debriefing skills

Level 2 Course objectives include:

  • To gain an understanding of the role of debriefing

  • To gain an understanding of The principals of debriefing

  • To gain practical skills in debriefing

  • Gain and understanding of debriefing language and behaviour



Entry to this level is available to candidates who have either:


(1) Completed both the level 1 Training Day and Practical Component



(2) Have been pre-approved to bypass Level 1 training due to previous experience/ training. This will be assessed on a case by case basis on receipt of a Training Exemption Form.

Cost: Nurses £75, Trainees £100, Consultants £120


To apply for this level: please follow links below to complete an application form. Please follow the instructions carefully as your course booking cannot be confirmed without making a payment. Please remember to return the Exemption Form for level 1 (if applicable).

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