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Level 3: From Design To Delivery


This level of training is open to healthcare workers who wish to gain skills in the development and delivery of simulation programmes tailored to meet their individual needs.


Level 3 Course objectives include gaining experience of and skills in:

  • Curriculum mapping and developing learning objectives

  • Identifying if simulation is the correct mode of delivery

  • Scenario development: using and designing templates

  • Programme development and delivery tips and techniques

  • Programme sustainability

  • Techniques for the difficult debrief

  • Taking simulation "in situ"


Entry to this level is available to candidates who


(1) have completed Level 2 training



(2) have been pre-approved to bypass level 1 and Level 2 training due to previous training / experience. This will be assessed on a case by case basis on receipt of a completed Training Level Exemption Form.

Cost:  £150

To apply for this level; please download and return the Application Form and (if applicable) the Training Exemption Form

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